I.Α.S  Corp: A member of UniPro Foodservice, Inc.® 


UniPro Foodservice, Inc.® is the largest foodservice distribution cooperative in the United States. Comprising over 650 shareholder companies with over 900 locations, each distributor is independently owned, marketing the products and services provided by UniPro Foodservice. With a collective sales volume of over $60 billion, the buying power of UniPro enables its members to receive enhanced purchasing opportunities, thereby providing better pricing and a vast array of products and services to their customers.

UniPro members service accounts in all segments of the foodservice industry, including independent and multi-unit restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, military feeding, and other mass-feeding operations.


American Classics


Heavy Duty Mayonnaise - American Classics Heavy Duty Mayonnaise delivers full egg yolk flavor with a thick base for any application. Our product is made from highly refined and deodorized soybean oil. Quality recipe formulated for superior color and taste. American Classics Heavy Duty Mayonnaise contains 80% oil meaning rich creamy taste in salads and sandwiches. Greater oil content makes American Classics tolerant to higher temperatures in storage and delivery.

Japanese Bread Crumbs - American Classics Japanese Bread Crumbs are made fresh from specially baked, crust-less bread. With an oblong shape, our bread crumbs are larger, crispier and lighter, so they coat with "packing" like regular bread crumbs, allowing foods to stay crisper longer. Their delicate, crisp texture makes them the ideal choice for baked or fried foods. 




For over 30 years, Badia Spices has brought to market the best ingredients from all corners of the world, making it a favorite among every type of cook, from newbies to foodies. Rich in flavor, aroma and color, our products are as appealing in taste as they are in value.

Each is perfectly packaged to seal in the pure flavor and freshness of the ingredient, enhancing any meal whether a classic mainstay or culinary novelty.




Hotshots in hot sauce, we specialize in made-to-order blending. Serving more than 1,000 customers worldwide, including national retail brands, top restaurant chains and large institutions, we manufacture hundreds of deliciously distinct formulas for dozens of different products.

Cajun cooks with a flare for flavor - we don't stop with hot sauce. We also manufacture steak sauce, worcestershire sauce, marinade, barbecue sauce, chicken wing sauce, soy sauce, and teriyaki.


Bunge Oil


Bunge is the leader in North America for consistent, high-quality oilseed processing products and service. Bunge is the largest processor of canola in Canada and the second largest soybean crusher in the United States. Customers and end-users rely on Bunge for consistent, high-quality products and services.

Bunge Oils are a recognized leader in the technology and manufacturing of edible oils into margarines, shortenings and salad/cooking oils that are used by everyone from food manufacturers with internationally recognized brands to the favorite corner restaurant. Innovation is Bunge's strong suit. The research and development team constantly strives to stay ahead of trends, looking for ways to give customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace, such as offering trans-fat alternatives.




Known for innovation, customization, bakery expertise, and creative ideas, the Brill brand offers an extensive product line, including innovative ready-to-use icings, frozen cake layers, decorated cakes, frozen cookie dough, brownies, icing bases, ready-to-use fillings, donut icings, and glazes.

Through a combination of superior formulations and fresh ideas, Brill products are proven to help customers create a unique bakery experience. 

Product categories include: Brownies, Cakes & Cupcakes, Cookies, Fillings and Icings. 


Domino Foods, Inc.


Domino Foods, Inc. manufactures a full line of sweetener solutions to many businesses, institutions, and companies across the U.S.

Products include: granulated sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, raw style & organic, non-sugar sweeteners, zero-calorie sweeteners and drink mixes.



Hershey's Foodservice


Cocoa - The famous Hershey's cocoa is a baking staple that no kitchen should be without, especially a foodservice kitchen. Whether you want the deep flavor of natural cocoa, or the delicate mildness of dutch cocoa, we have the flavor and product versatility for your recipe needs.

Baking Chips - Hershey's is known for chocolate and sweet ingredients by consumers and foodservice chefs alike. As you'd expect, our whole chocolate chips are nothing short of fantastic. And because your recipes go beyond just chocolate, Hershey's chips do too. 

Syrups - Hershey's syrup is pure chocolate goodness from the original Hershey's chocolate syrup to flavors beyond caramel and strawberry. Whether in an easy-to-squeeze bottle or pump-equipped jug or can, we have the syrup flavor variety in the packaging that works best for your foodservice operation.

Dry Toppings - Nothing's sweeter than a bit of candy sprinkled onto a dessert, mixed into a recipe or blended into a beverage. Anytime you want a little extra crunch, texture or talk-about fun, just add a few of these sweet ingredients. Your guests will love seeing their favorite candy brands and you'll love the foodservice-friendly packaging and simplicity.


House of Lords


House of Lords' extensive line of dressings has been designed to meet a broad base of menu applications. Whether it's a standard fare or unique, trend setting flavors, there is a product in House of Lords portfolio that will meet your needs. House of Lords dressings offer the perfect balance of quality, versatility and variety.

Products Include: 1000 Island, Blue Cheese, Caesar, Coleslaw, Creamy Italian, Deluxe BBQ Sauce, Honey Mustard, Parmesan Peppercorn, Ranch




Sweet Baby Ray's Gourmet Sauces - With a portfolio including: barbecue sauces, wing sauces and glazes, marinades and dipping sauces, we've got you covered. Our award-winning family of awesome sauces can take your meal from boring to Boss in seconds. The instructions are simple: remove cap, pour on Sweet Baby Ray's, and taste the flavor upgrade.

Ken's Salad Dressings - Ken's products can be summed up by: making everything taste better. That's our mission - making veggies, fish, meat pasta, and just about everything else you love taste a lot better. And that is why we offer hundreds of amazing salad dressings to select from.




Kerry's unique technologies in coating systems make it the undisputed leader in the poultry, fish, meat, vegetable categories through its wide-ranging portfolio of products.

Bread Crumbs - Bread crumb coating is suitable for a wide variety of foods from chicken to fish. With characteristics of being small and relatively dense these versatile and robust bread crumbs can be used on all types of breading machinery adn provide excellent coverage. Bread crumbs is available in a variety of colors to suit specific customer applications.

Tempura Batter - Our tempura batter mixes are easy to apply to any product providing a crisp texture whether tailored for the over or fryer. 

Japanese Bread Crumbs - A crunchy, light alternative to batter that's ideal for coating all fish products, chicken, cheese and vegetables. Japanese bread crumbs are immediately distinguished from other types of coating by their characteristic needle shape and light open structure. 

Southern Fry Chicken Breader - Give your chicken real "zing" with this spicy and crunchy coater. 



Magic Chef


Bakery Ingredients - From donuts and cakes, to brownies and muffins, Maic Chef has the ingredients expert bakers needs to bake the creations people love. Our full-flavor ingredients take that dessert from "every-day" to one-of-a-kind sweet creation people can't forget.

Product Categories Include: Brownie Mixes, Cake Mixes, bases and concentrates, Danish & sweet dough mixes and bases, donut mixes and bases, fillings, frostings & icings, glazes and muffin mixes and bases




Heavy Duty Mayonnaise - Majesty Heavy Duty Mayonnaise delivers full egg yolk flavor with a thick base for any application. Our product is made from highly refined and deodorized soybean oil. Quality recipe formulated for superior color and taste.Majesty Heavy Duty Mayonnaise contains 80% oil meaning rich creamy taste in salads and sandwiches. Greater oil content makes Majesty tolerant to higher temperatures in storage and delivery.




Minor's - Flavor isn't measured like other parts of the business. It's created in the kitchen and judged on each and every plate. Minor's has understood that taste and flavor have to be perfect, that each patron has to be wowed and that the best tomorrow is based on what you serve today. Flavor mean business.

Nestle Toll House - Build your business with the strong heritage of the Nestle Toll House brand. Our frozen cookie pucks and morsels are perfect for your operation and will keep customers coming back.


Hellmannˊs Mayonnaise


Hellmannˊs mayonnaise delivers a rich, creamy taste and texture that has made it America's favorite Real Mayonnaise. Among the most recognized brands in the world.

The highly desirable balance of acidic and sweet flavor notes enhances your menu items in a way that is unmatched by other brands. Maintains cling, consistency and stability-even when heated. Superior emulsion resists breaking down; your recipes retain outstanding texture, mouth feel, flavor, and eye appeal.


R&H Bakery Solutions


R&H provides a vast range of ingredients and products for the baking industry.

The product portfolio consists of a wide-range of: donut, cake and specialty baking mixes, bases and concentrates, bake stable fruit fillings, icing bases, toppings and fruit flavorings and other other functional ingredients used in the manufacturing of donuts, muffins, brownies, pastries, and sweet goods.


Texas Pete


Texas Pete is proud to offer an array of products that are sure to kick up the flavor of your creations. TW Garner's proprietary blends of pepper sauces are made for better cooking performance as an ingredient, and irresistible flavor as a condiment. The Texas Pete product line includes a variety of time and labor-saving packaging, from portion control packets to 1/2 gallon and gallon jugs for back-of-house use.