I.A.S has tWO subsidiary companies. Read about them here.


Established for the sole purpose of exporting and providing our customers with the best in foodservice products and unique and original concepts within the foodservice industry. Established as a Division of I.A.S  (International American Supermarkets, Corp).



  • 2009 Gold Taste Award, American Tasting Institute 
  • 2010 Best of Show Taste Award, American Tasting Institute 
  • 2011 Best of Show Taste Award, American Tasting Institute


A unique fast casual dining concept that generates significantly higher return on your investment than the franchise industry average. Attila Mongolian Grill's fresh ingredients selection, diversified but simple menu and its stir-fry cooking, has a much lower operation cost and yields higher profit margins Today's consumers are more health conscientious and are constantly looking for a healthier alternative to the fast food.