International American Supermarkets Corp. connects producers and distributors worldwide.


about us

Established in 1980, I.A.S Corp. is a dynamic food & beverage export management organization representing a diverse portfolio of recognized US brands in overseas markets through our expertise in marketing, compliance, and logistics.

Company Profile

Today, I.A.S Corp. manages more than 50 US brands in 58 global markets. With a wide ranging product portfolio, we are constantly prepared to meet a variety of customer needs and expectations, both in grocery/retail & HORECA/foodservice. 

our services

I.A.S Corp. is dedicated to simplifying the complex processes of international food & beverage logistics, product development, and compliance for the whole supply chain starting with US manufacturers and ending with international importers, 
distributors and retailers.


At I.A.S Corp. we value the importance of fostering transparent relations with our customers and principals. Meet the team that makes it all possible.

Providers of value-added export solutions for producers and distributors worldwide  


I.A.S. Corp. is a leading export management company focused on providing excellent service through our collective expertise in: sourcing, product development, compliance, and logistics. From our corporate headquarters located in Piscataway, New Jersey, we have established distribution channels in 58 markets throughout Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Established in 1980, I.A.S  Corp. has witnessed an unbroken pattern of growth that has brought us to the forefront of the industry - recognized by customers as a market leading exporter with a reputation for innovation, flexibility and superior customer service.

I.A.S Corp. takes great pride in the role we have successfully fulfilled over our history: being an indispensable facilitator to our foreign-based customers in sourcing American specialty food products and ingredients in the most efficient way.

Even with rising competition and globalized networks, I.A.S. Corp. has remained our customers #1 choice. Our family-owned business has the financial strength, efficient sourcing capabilities and the marketing expertise to identify and meet our customers' demands. Our commitment is not to act as a simple intermediary, but to deliver an unparalleled service to our partners both in America and world-wide.






226 Old New Brunswick Road
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854, USA

Target Customers:

Grocery & Foodservice Wholesalers, Importers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Supermarkets/Hyper-Markets/Convenience Stores, Restaurants & Institutions.

Strategic Business Units:

A.F.C. (American Foodservice Concepts); Central Europe Ingredients
Import (Bonjour de Paris)

Market Coverage:


Our Services:

  • Managing a distribution network of over 75 international importers, distributors and retailers in over 58 markets.
  • Operating our own export consolidation warehouse near Port Elizabeth in New Jersey. 
  • Labeling experts and ingredient specialists focusing on understanding foreign import requirements.
  • Preferential shipping rates through contractual freight agreements.
  • Diverse and multi-lingual staff allowing a better understanding of foreign consumer preferences. 
  • Extensive expertise in financial tools, export certification and shipping formalities. 

Our Executive Team

Suhayl Sauma

Abdo Sauma

Bassam Sauma


Sami Sauma

Joe Sauma

Associates & Staff

                           Tom Perez
                     Director of Operations

Tanice Fariman
Account Representative Supervisor

Nese Beril Sen
Account Represenative

Ninoska Franco
Warehouse Operations Manager

Laya Haddad
New Business Development

Sandra Rubio
Assistant Sales Manager 



Susan Alexander
Account Representative

Shiau-Wen Gorka
Accounting Manager

Pat Onyango

Alex Sauma
New Business Development

Andreas Minakakis
Marketing & Sales Import/Export


                          Jason Buist
             Senior Director of Operations
                   and Customer Service

Debbie Urbanski
Account Representative

Anna Magliuio
Assistant Accounting Manager

Oliver Sauma
Account Representative

Kevin Sauma
New Business Development