The company has evolved to fit a changing marketplace. The condensed line has been expanded to include contemporary varieties like Cream of Broccoli, Double Noodle, and Creamy Chicken Noodle. And the company now offers a line of Healthy Request Soups that combines great taste with less sodium, cholesterol, fat, and calories. Today, Campbell markets almost every type of soup imaginable, from "Chunky" to "Home Cookin'" to "Simply Home" Ready-to-Serve Soups.

The number of brand names under the Campbell banner has also grown, and now includes such well-known products as Pepperidge Farm breads, cookies, and crackers, Franco-American gravies and pastas, V8 vegetable juices, Swanson broths, and Pace Tex-Mex.

Today, the Campbell name stretches to China, Australia, Argentina, and beyond. Campbell products are available in practically every country in the world. Even though the Company’s foods have found their way into homes thousands of miles from the Camden, New Jersey headquarters, they still bear the name of the man who made his mark selling soup from a horse-drawn wagon -- Joseph Campbell.



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